Business/Limited Liability Company Laws in NH

Businesses/Limited Liability Company Laws in New Hampshire

The business of doing business can be complicated and legal counsel is necessary to ensure businesses and their interests are protected. Any kind of business, including a limited liability company, should have legal counsel in their corner when they begin operations and as ongoing support is needed. The process of creating a business and a limited liability company entails a great deal of legal documentation and advisement. Attorney Mike J. Demers, PLLC, can be your source of support, information, and legal protection at any point during the creation or operation of a business and limited liability company.

Local Codes and Ordinances

Businesses need to abide by local ordinances and codes. New Hampshire businesses may also need permits to operate legally in certain areas or need to comply with laws related to state or federal regulations. There are also many necessary steps to declaring and operating a limited liability company, often referred to as an LLC. An LLC must make a legal declaration as a business entity and must register a name that has to be approved, as it can’t not be too similar to another LLC. There needs to be an operating agreement drafted and the rights of members need to be outlined. The registration also entails the following steps:

  1. Preparation and submitting of annual reports
  2. Registering a tax identification number
  3. Obtaining the necessary permits
  4. Registering a physical address, not a PO box number

Benefits of Becoming an LLC

One benefit of declaring a business an LLC is that members are protected from individual liabilities if there are debts or liabilities tied to the business. Although there is this level of protection for members, member rights may still need protected in other ways. There needs to be clearly defined provisions for a member’s share of a business if that member retires or dies. Disputes between members may also need legal intervention. For the protection of everyone associated with an LLC, legal counsel is advised on an ongoing basis.

Experienced Business Lawyers

The Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC, is knowledgeable as to all business law in New Hampshire and can provide customized business services. Whether is it is a business that has been in existence for decades and is in the midst of changing hands or if you are just establishing an LLC, our firm can ensure legal compliance and protection. We will explain the benefits of an LLC, along with any pitfalls or complications that may affect your business entity. We can handle day to day needs, such as drafting contracts and reviewing contracts. Our firm can also represent your business entity if there is a litigation or dispute that warrants counsel. We will negotiate with employees and others on your behalf and generally do all we can to provide customized business and limited liability company services. Each business is unique and we understand your needs may be unique also. Let us see what kind of business services we can provide to ensure smooth and legal operations for your New Hampshire business or Limited Liability Company.

For questions or to schedule a consultation please contact attorney Mike Demers today at 603-880-2065.

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