Child Support/Custody Laws in New Hampshire


Every parent in Nashua New Hampshire has the legal obligation to care for his or her child whether you have legal custody of the child or are married to the other parent or not. Child support laws are in place to ensure children are cared for. Breaking these laws or not living up to a court ordered child support agreement can have serious consequences for everyone involved. Whether you are a parent seeking child support or you are a parent who has to pay and needs legal support and guidance, Attorney Mike Demers is a child custody and support lawyer in Nashua NH, can be your source for all family court legal needs.

How Much Will I Pay?

Child support is set by a family court judge according to a very specific child support calculator. The calculator is used by the court regardless of the income or social status of parents. The formula used takes the income of both parents and also the number of children who need support. If a parent is already paying child support for children from a previous relationship, that amount will be deducted. The cost of childcare is also deducted from the income of the parent who pays for that need. There may be other expenses deducted, namely special needs or needs of a handicapped child. At any time in which circumstances change for a parent or the needs of a child evolve, a modification of a child support agreement can be sought. If a period of three years has passed, a modification can be sought also.

Child Support Consequences

If a parent does not pay the court ordered amount of child support, that parent may be subject to harsh consequences.

Some of the consequences include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Withholding of tax returns
  • Withholding of any lottery winnings
  • Revocation of a driver’s license
  • Revocation of a passport

Child support laws are taken very seriously in New Hampshire. Child support can be point of contention between parents and it can absolutely be necessary for a parent to take adequate care of a child. When a parent is facing a child support case in family court, that parent needs to be aware of his or her rights and also what the laws are in New Hampshire. Attorney Mike Demers, understands the importance of child support and also how difficult and complicated it can be for parents to solve any child support issues and disputes. Our firm will take the time to learn the specifics of your situation. We will work diligently to protect your rights and act in the best interests of the child involved. We have the skill, experience, and compassion needed to navigate the most sensitive and complex child support cases in New Hampshire. Let us help you work through the family courts and get the best resolution for your case.

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