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Attorney Mike Demers is a family lawyer in Nashua NH. Divorce is an emotional process. The dissolution of a marriage can be challenging for all parties involved, even when both parties want the split to occur. There are also a great deal of decisions pertaining to the physical and financial upheaval experienced by both parties. Any divorce or separation can become complicated and result in conflict and turmoil for individuals and families. If you are dealing with a divorce or legal separation, it is imperative that you have compassionate, understanding, and experienced legal counsel by your side. Attorney Mike Demers, can be your source for guidance, support, and representation during this difficult time.

What is No Fault?

In New Hampshire, most divorces are filed as ‘no fault’, meaning both parties want the split and generally cite irreconcilable differences. While it may legally be defined as ‘no fault’, there can be still a great deal of contention to work through. A ‘fault’ divorce can be sought if one party wants it noted that the divorce is the result of adultery, extreme cruelty, impotence, serious harm or injury by a spouse, or some other extenuating circumstance.

There is a residency requirement in New Hampshire in order to file for divorce. The person filing must have lived in the state for at least one year or the grounds for the divorce must have taken place in New Hampshire.

When divorce is filed, questions and uncertainties pertaining to who will live where, who will support whom, what will become of property, and who will the children primarily live with all need to be answered. There may be an immediate need for support and long term alimony and child support agreements may need to be reached.

Legal Separation

A legal separation, while not legally final as in divorce, can also lead to a great deal of emotional and physical upheaval. There are also just as many decisions that need to be made concerning living arrangements, support, debt separation, and fate of children. A legal separation can give couples the much needed time and alternative to a final dissolution of marriage. It would be in your best interest to at least consult with a divorce lawyer when contemplating separation.

Whether you are seeking a divorce or a legal separation, you need to know your rights and what to expect. You need to feel secure in the fact that you have trusted counsel by your side who will look after your best interest, both in the short-term and long-term. Mike Demers, will take the time to learn your exact situation and needs. We will approach your case with the sensitivity and compassion needed to help you navigate a difficult time. Our firm will work to ensure your marital property and assets are protected, along with separate property that may need protected also. We will remain clear-headed and dedicated to helping you so you can focus on your immediate needs and the needs of children. Let us work to ensure a timely, less contentious and fair resolution for your divorce or legal separation case.

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