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New Hampshire Estate Planning Laws

Mike J. Demers is an estate planning attorney in Nashua NH and has over 25 years of estate planning law experience in NH. Estate planning in New Hampshire is the process of preparing while a person is still alive for the time following a person’s death in regards to the deceased property, assets, financials to the next of kin.

Estate Planning Attorney Nashua NH

It is a legal contract agreement as to who will receive the gifts of the deceased and how it will be divided among the family and or chosen successors.

What it essentially does is make important preparations for the future of a person or person’s belongings, property and affairs of the living after their death. It is an inevitability that most of us all face at some point in a family’s life.  Being prepared with a good estate plan will help with the division of property, separating of assets and allow for a smooth transition with little or no argument or arbitration’s.

Types of Estate Planning Preparations:


New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney Law

In New Hampshire, a durable power of attorney allows a persona to assign a trusted individual to handle your affairs in respect to health care and end of life decisions in the event you lose brain function or become mentally incapacitated.

For more information on DPOA laws visit: Durable Powers of Attorney laws in NH.

New Hampshire Wills Laws

New Hampshire laws on how to drafting and the need for a will, visit the process of a will go here:  Last Will and Testament

New Hampshire Euthanasia Laws

Euthanasia, or mercy killing, is the act of taking another person’s (patients) life that is suffering and usually in pain from an incurable disease or coma. In New Hampshire  Euthanasia is illegal,  however living wills or directive can allow for people direct the physician or medical staff to stop life support or (pulling the plug) so to speak in the event to end a person’s life when there is no longer any hope of recovery.

New Hampshire Living Wills Law

For an overview of New Hampshire’s laws regarding living wills visit: Advance Directives including Living Wills. Contact estate planning attorney Mike Demers at 603-880-2065.


“I needed help in an estate plan for my family and I am glad to have found Attorney Mike Demers. He is highly experienced in this area and was extremely helpful in arranging a new estate plan. It was something I procrastinated on, but he made it so easy. I recommend him to anyone with family law needs.”

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