Guardianship Laws in New Hampshire

Guardianship Laws in New Hampshire

Estate planning is important regardless of age, health, and wealth. Part of the estate planning process may include appointing guardianship. This may refer to the guardianship of minor children or guardianship of an adult. When including guardianship documents and decisions as part of your estate planning plan, let Attorney Mike Demers, PLLC, help you navigate the legal process.

Reasons for Guardianship

There are a wide variety of reasons someone may need a guardian appointed over them. If an adult becomes incapacitated and unable to make sound decisions regarding his or her health, finances, or other affairs, a guardian can do so for them. Mental illness or a deteriorating mental state may mean a guardian or special needs trust is needed to protect assets and finances also. A minor in need of a guardian may need someone to oversee his or her upbringing, taking on the task of financially and emotionally providing for that minor.

If a guardian is necessary and one has not been appointed, the court will do so. This may mean a custody battle between family members or decisions being handled in a way in which the incapacitated adult would not approve. Having a guardian you trust designated through the estate planning process can help ensure your wishes are upheld and assets are protected. Being designated as a guardian is a huge responsibility and needs to be fully understood before being accepted. The importance of understanding what guardianship entails in all respects can’t be overstated.

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

The Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC , has the knowledge and compassion needed to help guide you through the estate planning process and guardianship in particular. We can advise in the drafting of documents outlining guardianship and also help advise a guardian when challenges or difficulties arise. Our attorneys will take the time to learn about your situation and determine what estate planning services are best suited for you and your family. Guardianship needs should be considered and handled according to what will work best for your individual family. Let our firm explore your options with you and help secure all of the estate planning services you need, protecting you, your assets, and your family in the process.  

For questions or to schedule a consultation please contact the Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC today at 603-880-2065.

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