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Rental apartments and condominium complexes virtually act as their own communities through the management of the landlord or apartment managers through bylaws, rules, and regulations that are agreed upon and accepted by all who reside there. Just as with any community, the legal aspect of running a condominium complex in New Hampshire can be complicated and disputes can arise, necessitating legal intervention. Landlord & Tenant Law Attorney Mike Demers, can represent landlords, tenants and condominium associations to help ensure legal matters are dealt with properly.


Condominium associations are typically comprised of a board that drafts and enforces the rules and regulations for owners and tenants. These rules and regulations can entail fees to be paid monthly or yearly, rules pertaining to décor and land use, and rules about gatherings or noise. Pet regulations may also be a part of condominium laws. Having legal counsel represent a condominium board can be a valuable resource. The Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC, can collect fees, negotiate new rules, and help the association enforce and interpret rules. We can also work to help resolve disputes or help with the legality of budgetary and maintenance issues.


When a dispute arises, either between tenants or between the association and a tenant, legal counsel can negotiate a resolution. Attorney Mike Demers can clarify the dispute and present options for a resolution for all parties. We can also represent the condominium association if the situation results in litigation.

The business law attorneys at Mike J. Demers, PLLC, has the experience and knowledge of condominium laws to help assist associations with the daily legal operations and also with any kind of dispute that may arise. We will work to ensure all rules and regulations are clearly outlined and defined to minimize conflict or room for misinterpretation. We will fight to protect the nature of the condominium association and the purpose under which it operates. Let us review the laws you have in place or help draft condominium laws for a new complex so your association is effective and legally compliant for your protection and the protection of all tenants. The Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC, essentially provides customized services regarding condominium complexes in New Hampshire. Let us see how we can assist you with condominium law issues.

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