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When a couple or two parties have a child together but are unmarried, both parties still have parental rights to the child regardless of the relationship between the parents. Attorney Mike Demers, PLLC, has the family law experience to help you navigate your parental rights issues in New Hampshire.

Custody & Visitation Rights

The first step that must be done to pursue parental rights when you are not married to the other parent is to establish paternity. Without first establishing paternity, a father can’t pursue custody or visitation of any sort. For a father who wishes to have custody of a child a mother plans to put up for adoption, establishing paternity is the first step to preventing the adoption process from going forward.

The handling of parenting rights between unmarried parents notably works out in a timely fashion and with less contention if the parents have an amicable relationship. Under these circumstances, the parents can file a joint parenting petition and negotiate the details. Having a skilled NH divorce attorney on board to oversee the petition details and help navigate any negotiations can help parents avoid an unnecessary court battle. As life circumstances change or as a child grows, the parents can go through a knowledgeable family law attorney to modify the parenting plan they have established.

If one parent is uncooperative or the mother wishes to keep a father from visiting or having custody, a father can file a petition for visitation and custody.

As far as parenting plans and decisions that unmarried parents may need to navigate are concerned, the details and specifics can be as unique as the parents and child involved.

Types of Parental Rights Details

Some of the most basic details to be worked out and decided when unmarried parents need to protect their parenting rights include:

  • Where a child will live primarily
  • Visitation details
  • Religious teachings or preference
  • Schooling and other educational decisions
  • Medical care and insurance needs
  • Other expenses related to the care and welfare of a child

Parents deserve to have access to the children they want to be a vital part of raising. However, when parents are unmarried, there are a whole host of complications that can make decisions and care of a child complicated and nearly impossible for two parties to navigate on their own. Having a compassionate and dedicated parental rights attorney in your corner can be a great asset and your first step toward protecting your rights as a parent. Attorney Demers, can help ensure the best interests of your child are upheld. Let us help you discover what your rights as an unmarried parent are and what we can do to help protect those rights.For questions or to schedule a consultation please contact The Law Office of Mike Demers, PLLC today at 603-880-2065.

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