Probate Laws in New Hampshire

The probate process in New Hampshire refers to the process that takes place after someone passes on and how the estate left behind is handled. Probate can be complicated, time-consuming, and entail more than a family may realize. Having a skilled and experienced estate planning attorney assist with the probate process can be an extremely valuable asset during a difficult time. The Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC, can help ensure the probate process is handled in a timely and effective manner so you and your family can begin to move forward.

Probate Process

Whether there is a will in place or not, an estate must go through probate after someone passes. This means assets, property, and funds are accounted for and held while liabilities are dealt with. These liabilities may be money owed to creditors, taxes, and any court settlements that need to be paid. An estate administrator oversees the payment of debt. Once that process is complete, assets can be distributed to beneficiaries.

There are strict guidelines and timelines for how the probate process is handled. Once a notice of death is filed and the process begins, it may prove overwhelming for a family member or estate administrator. A compassionate and knowledgeable estate planning attorney from the Law Office of Mike J. Demers, PLLC, can help ensure the process is smooth and handled legally.

We Work For You!

We are able to draft all necessary documents and fully explain how probate works. Our team can help you navigate probate from the beginning and help avoid any litigation or other problems. Overseeing how a will and trust is executed is not a process you want to handle alone. Family conflict and the sheer gravity of what all it entails necessitates an attorney who can assure family that assets and funds left behind can and will be handled as they are meant to be. Let us conduct the probate process and help you with all of your estate planning needs.

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