Will Laws in New Hampshire

Will Laws in New Hampshire

Anyone who owns any kind of assets or has a family needs to seriously consider starting the estate planning process. One of the most vital documents included in estate planning is a will. Unlike a trust, a will is a legally binding document essentially outlining who is to receive guardianship of any minor children and also how any assets or funds are to be distributed amongst beneficiaries after death. If you are venturing into estate planning and a need to discuss the drafting of a will, Attorney Mike J. Demers, can provide the support and guidance you need.

Benefits of a Will

The importance of a will can’t be overstated. If you pass away without a will and do not have a spouse, the state basically has a say in what becomes of your assets and even what may become of your children. A will protects you, your family, and the assets you have worked so hard to acquire and save. A will also minimizes conflict among family members left behind. Without a will, any kind of dispute over assets can mean years of court battles and can cause irreparable harm to family relationships. The same can be said of battles over the custody of children. Simply stating or expressing who you wish to have guardianship of minors will not be enough to ensure those wishes are upheld. The can lead to children spending some time in state custody and foster care while the courts determine who may get custody. Any desire to see funds given to charities can also be disrupted if there is no will definitively expressing that desire.

Drafting a Will

While the thought of drafting a legal will may not be pleasant, it is absolutely necessary. Our firm understands the sensitive and personal nature of drafting a will. We also know the intricacies of New Hampshire law and the probate process. Estate planning attorney Mike J. Demers can explain the process and the timeline for probate in New Hampshire. We will help outline the tax liabilities your estate may face and help minimize those taxes. We will work with you to ensure your will gives comprehensive directions for those left behind. Attorney Demers, can draft a will that clearly discloses your wishes and helps ensure the distribution of assets is handled according to what you envision. We understand each person and family is unique and so are the wishes you may have for loved ones. Let us help you express those wishes and protect all you have worked for by ensuring those wishes are upheld.

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